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Film d'animation mixant toutes les techniques connues ou non

3D Flying Saucer
Made in two passes (beauty & cell shading). For movements in the clouds, the camera was animated in 3D Maya. And recovery of the backing of the camera in after effects, integration of clouds and a 2D matte painting of the sky. A traveling 3D can recreate a realistic motion blur.
Invasion of the 3D city
Rendered and texturing 3D. Cycles of flies on several flights axis in 2D. Texturing and compositing in After Effects. Interaction with live action.

2D backgrounds
Many designs have been created on a retouched photo. THIS IS often a collage of several images that scientist are in turn mixed with textured and frames of impressions.
The Stop Motion
Doll 1/6th scale with a metallic frame to the animated precise. Staging of the figurines on a green background correctly exposed. Animation of the movement frame by frame for an average of 12 frames per second. The images are then, in a setting to crop overlay, texture, calibrated ...
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