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Bubbleman des scénarii cultes avec des dialogues qu'on adore

Oriental / Switzerland
Prince Al Mahara aka the Oyster
Replicas cults: Patty Bubbleman "And me? I have both feet in the caviar! Set in gold but I'm sure many in the shit! "Bubbleman to Patty, about the Prince:" And a robot to clean the hospital for her ass!? No!? "Bubbleman" We'll still wrestle long morons who fart in the Rolls Royce! "The colonies are made up of the tech building lesnmausolés slaves of Dubai, to the glory of Prince Al Mahara aka the oyster. His ultimate project is to build clouds of black beads on top of his Death Star ... The precious Patty Dough was hired by Al Mahara to lead and motivate the colonies. But she soon found helpless. All the men were dropping like flies, in the sands of Palm under 50 ° c. .. He was left to call emergency Bubbleman to propose to provide the Prince of pearls before the men are completely exhausted ... It was also an opportunity to kiss the princely!

Meanwhile Bubbleman was developing his trip hyperimpasse. The Swiss, with their Grand Hadron Collider had used his knowledge in quantum physics (he thought we could expand a wormhole without destroying the universe) ... In short, Bubbleman was ready to press the button, ready for the big time travel! Objective: The twentieth century confident of a return to the future, automatically and without pity.

Bubbleman accepts the mission, this time against gold. It reveals the dark designs of Patty Oyster: to destroy the ozone layer by its gigantic projects and other destructive gadgets. In addition to offering the rest of Zeroland interest on investment!

Bubbleman repairs the future! Do we know why he uses a rifle rocket launcher in place of cigarettes laser!? What use will he cut the wire to the metal!?
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