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Bubbleman des scénarii cultes avec des dialogues qu'on adore

Mission Fly Shit
duration 18 minutes
Pop Art
Blowfly aka Prez
Ben Pope
Patty Dough contact Bubbleman to entrust an urgent mission:
Engage in Prez (U.S. president) of the fly shit, strong substance with hallucinogenic properties and mutant WHICH is addicted to ...
While in Washington, the two henchmen Prez Ben and Pope discuss dearly in the gardens of White House somewhere else on Zéroland, Bubbleman receives a phone call. On the line, Patty confides to Bubbleman his extraordinary mission: to provide Prez, the cam, its dose of "Fly shit", a powerful hallucinogenic which he is dependent.

Bubbleman accepts the mission and went to Washington. It crashed into the Capitol and then runs to the apartments of which Patty Prez ahead. Bubbleman gives Patty, against money, a can of "Blowfly tox." Bubbleman many would celebrate the reunion, but Patty tells her that she had a trap for him, threatened by the horrible Blowfly aka Prez. As for the latter, is missing, it does not stop calling, hysterical, with Patty ... Patty Bubbleman and trying to care for Prez aka Blowfly. With the help of his henchmen, and Ben Pope, Blowfly engeôle Bubbleman and Patty ...

The plot then slides in a parallel universe. Patty, in search of love, tells Bubbleman, a tear in her voice, the awful situation that sentenced her to betray him. Bubbleman look forward to avenge ... While his minions buttfuck, Prez, Prez once more, gives a speech capital. Blowfly is the Show which happens to be a delusion, an adversarial political discourse, conspiring and grotesque attended by the military returned to its amazing cause. Meanwhile, Bubbleman and Patty are released ... While Patty leaves the city to get to safety, only faces Bubbleman Prez aka Blowfly ...
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