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Bubbleman : Un putain de film d'animation Hors Norme !

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This is because Bubbleman Superstar was designed as a complex, fed by a variety of stories, in order to broaden the experience, we created more entertainment, with different properties and an independent life, that function as points of entry into this universe protean. Each of these products in developing various aspects. Several appointments are given and the audience to experience the Bubbleman Superstar and unravel the mysteries surrounding this universe, through a wide range of media.
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Présentation du projet Bubbleman Superstar Production de film en série Résumer du projet de série Bubblman Réalisation du film par les spanKidz Univers graphique Bubbleman Images sous licence Creative Commons Film d'animation de Bubbleman Superstar Un musique bien funcky et dynamique Parole dont les enfants se souviendront