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Bubbleman : Un putain de film d'animation Hors Norme !

Adult audience. Provocative, arty, sexy and funny!
Contacts sought: linear TV, mobile TV, web content editor, private partners, institutional partners.
Bubbleman Superstar! Offers viewers live on Zeroland, Bubbleman graphic adventures, the super zero and Patty, his wife do super (mid) ordinator.
The principle of the series is based on satire of what "determines" the world idols, icons, monsters, news, unusual, dramatic, political, scientific ... and other banalities.
Zéroland is a virtual world metaphor of a world devoid of meaning. Each mission sponsored by Patty, Bubbleman should work on something, somewhere, tackle a problem, an antagonist ("the wicked") and transform the reality of Zeroland unusual in an even more grotesque absurdity.
The casualness of Bubbleman, takes him on adventures funny, poetic, whimsical and outrageous, in a spirit of musical funk, rock.
- A series of 11 episodes of 15 min linear. for television, internet and mobile TV, and a variety of short formats: trailers, hooks, gags ...

- Author of the original idea: Alban Gily.

- Design and graphics:
Alban Gily and Julien Vray.

- Languages: English, French.

- Target: adults.

- Production: Lardux Movies: Christian Pfohl.

- Stage of development: Scriptures of the Bible's literary and graphic drivers 3. Production of a pilot . Musical models. Trailers . Rough tree, layout of the website. Development of applications and processes specific to the project.

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