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Bubbleman des Héros d'Anthologie et des Célébrités Hasbeen !

Bubbleman Patty DOUGH Prez aka Blowfly Ben Pope Hitler

REAL NAME: Bubbleman
OCCUPATION: Dandy and trash film SUPERSTAR Z on Zeroland.
It is the universal model that can play anything because he has no face,
the true God of the Arts and Entertainment (and more)!
LEGAL STATUS: Citizen of Zeroland.
IDENTITY: Known to the public and the authorities.
Criminal record likely.
PLACE OF BIRTH: Ocean of Storms.
Valley of Astonishment. Omega Planet.
Marital status: Lives with Patty Dough.
Known Relatives: None.
BASE OF OPERATIONS: Zeroland Motel. Flying saucer "B" or "Sex's Power"
BACKGROUND: omega aesthetic entity.
SIZE: 1.75 m more or less. WEIGHT: 65 kg. EYES: HAIR without: without
In the series, Bubbleman acts in the pay of the fabulous Patty, his partner. It performs the missions possible for the risk of love and pleasure. That of Patty first. Bubbleman is a very special agent, a superhero junk, and haploid spermique, mingling the news of the world, challenging the supremacy of the wicked, Bubbleman is gifted with talents within the martial arts, science ... He has secret weapons, disguises, peculiarities, its own and proved to be his talents. Icon and brat, he plays his non appearance and contradictions, embodying, with a taste of the scandal, the star of a film z (érolandais) funny, stupid, crazy, saldingue. Generous, compulsive, it has everything a machine driven by concerns such as natural kiss Patty. But when events beyond its "principles" that are recalled its affects, it's even with humor, subtlety or bad faith, he finds a way to object to its "responsibility", promises or awkwardness. So Bubbleman "lets piss" all in "fee is the head of everyone."
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