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L'univers graphique disjoncté de Bubbleman !

The series has the form of narrative episodes animated short, made of processed materials and real world shifted.
Each episode is defined by three elements:

graphic style, different for each episode - for example, pop art in Washington, Constructivism in Moscow, New Delhi Indian kitsch, tikki an island in the Pacific -;

antagonist, inspired by the excessive narrative film Z;

• place that draws the virtual geography of Zéroland mirror parody, absurd and spectacular on Earth.
Zeroland is a world of juxtaposition, overlay graphics.
The style mixes the past color Technicolor, the frames of the press, paper, metal textures ... The design integrates 2D animation, motion design, 3D, live action, stop-motion photos reworked (painted, cut, infographiées ...), video archives ... The images are being diverted on the principle of collage, accurate and simple.
In "power" of a riot of colors adds costumes. Phylacteries, typography, split-screen editing, transitions, graphics, speed lines supporting the visual rhythm of certain sequences. Bubbleman leaves a trace, a purpose, and Zeroland is not the same after its passage. Bubbleman vaporized, nebulized, a parody at all.
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