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Many women are working in various top positions and achieving great success in their careers. However, a good number of women do not have practical measures that accelerate their success. The non-governmental institutions and the government have played a pivotal role in curbing the challenges of inequality, unequal pay and inadequate number of women in the boardrooms. Irrespective of these challenges, some women have risen to the occasion and shown that they can take up any challenge and succeed in finding viable solutions. Women are known to have an excellent blend of personality that allows them to perform various roles with remarkable success. Women are taking various roles in leading corporations besides establishing and running their own businesses. Source: Today, the business world has taken a different turn as successful businesswomen such as Susan McGalla are taking leadership roles in large corporations. In the past, men dominated businesses and […]

Recently, an organization called “Healthy Living” straight out ripped weight loss company Nutrimost’s promotional video. Besides the references that Healthy Living replaced with their own, the two videos are exactly identical. Nutrimost filed a lawsuit against the organization in offense, but they still kept the video up. Only this time, it was simply cut short. Nutrimost’s reputation has been damaged and will seek a $300,000 payment. Nutrimost is a well-known health program to help people lose weight in mere 40 days without exercise, diet or medical treatment. Launched 2014 in Connecticut, its proprietor Dr. Mitch Gordon, DC a licensed chiropractic physician with 20 years under his belt. Participants in the program can expect to lose anywhere from 20 to 45 pounds or more in the timespan! Because of the advanced Nutrimost Resonant Frequency (NRF) technology, patients undergo weight loss through transmitted low voltage signals. It replicates the hormonal fat burning zone that is activated during strenuous intense exercise. Best of all, Nutrimost is safe and easy to follow. Dr. Rob Vasquez who have tried many fitness plans, diets that promise quick results and even medicine did not lose any significant amount of weight in the end. He read up about a new treatment with minimal effort and decided to give it a go. When he tried Nutrimost, he was surprised on the sophisticated technology and how treatment can be tailored to the individual patients. With leading edge science and scriptural health wisdom, Nutrimost aims to revolutionize the health industry. Sources: Twitter:

Andy Wirth displays his phenomenal talents in deciphering the recent drought that California has been going through as well as showing his leadership skills of one of the world’s most favorite destinations, Squaw Valley, and Alpine Meadows Ski Resorts. Wirth was recently interviewed by Madelaine Brand on KCRW about how the dry conditions have affected central California the past four years. Learn more about Andy Wirth: Andy has always been an outdoor sportsman and now, as CEO and President of two phenomenal ski resorts, he has become an active leader in Lake Tahoe. As well as a successful businesses man, Wirth is a philanthropist who loves to work within the community. In recent years, he has served as chairman of the board of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees, spearheaded the Clean Power Plan in Lake Tahoe, and represented those who were opposed to incorporation for the area. […]

Nestle Purinastore‘s Beneful is packed with nutritious ingredients and each package is filled with a wholesome taste your pet will love. Our goal is to keep your pet dietary satisfied and active. In fact, Beneful is filled with a lot of heart healthy ingredients. Each package is filled with delicious whole grains and nutrients. Your pet will maintain a healthy weight with delicious real meat and vegetables. Beneful is committed to keeping your pet happy and healthy. Beneful Healthy Selections Beneful Dry Dog Food Beneful dry dog food selection is made with real chicken and beef to help your pet maintain a healthy weight. Beneful originals comes in delicious chunks that are the right size for your pet to savor the taste. It also comes packed with real brown rice, peas, and more. The ingredients also promote healthy growth for your puppies. Beneful Wet Dog Food wet dog food […]

As reported recently in the Mercury News, Sam Chaudhary is bringing about beneficial change in education with his company Classdojo. This computer tools started as a way teachers could monitor student behavior. The goal is to create better educational environments. He answered a number of questions for the News about his effort, which he started with his friend Liam Don. A United Kingdom Native, Mr. Chaudhary has twenty years of experience as an educator. He brings something fresh to the education arena in an effort to focus on culture and community rather than competition. The system is needed in 2 of 3 schools. Privacy is one key to its success. Subscribers can change or delete any information, and the information is not shared. It has no advertising. When asked, Mr. Chaudhary indicated that money would come in from special features that would be paid for. The platform offers a free […]

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Overview For many years, prisons in the United States have lagged in technology. Many studies conducted by PR Newswire show that inmates who have access to technology behave better than those who do not. A lot of state and local governments are looking for ways to cut down on waste within the prison system. This is a difficult thing to do, especially with the rising costs of health coverage. Securus is a BBB evaluated company looking to change the way that prison life is thought of. They have a lot of unique products centered around helping people who are in prison. When people think of communicating in prison, the first thought is often talking through an old telephone at the jail. However, Securus is trying to make their video conferencing services available at various prisons. This is one of the most important initiatives for the company over the next few […]

  I am a firm believer that dreams come true. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. We all have the ability to be dream fulfillers if we just do it . I remember when I was growing up I was often told that because of my background I would never be able to accomplish great things. I was told That because my family was nothing neither would I be. I refused to let the naysayers tell me what I could and could not be. I used that as fuel to help make me A better person and dream chaser. When I got to college I had the opportunity to work with Terrence J from E and he gave me the best advice ever which was don’t follow your dreams chase them. I didn’t understand what that meant as a college kid but now I get […]

The Russian economy has suffered much damage than anyone expected after US and Europe imposed sanctions on the country. The sanctions denied most Russian banks and other companies from trading in the global markets according to George Soros. Russia also suffered more damage when the price of oil suffered a sharp decline which made sanctions even more effective to deter Russia’s aggression to Ukraine. Russia is the country that needs oil to be at the price of $100 per barrel to balance its budget. With the price of oil dropping to a low of $35 a barrel, it was a financial crisis for the country which could only be comparable to the one in 1998. In 1998, Russia suffered a similar financial crisis when it used up its currency reserves and resulted in the country defaulting on its debt, a situation that caused a partial financial crisis. The recent crisis […]

Talk Fusion is an online company that offers a solution to businesses and individuals who needs video marketing solutions. Talk Fusion was founded by founder and CEO Bob Reina by curiosity. He was so frustrated when he was told that he won’t be able to send an email. He sought advice from an expert who enables him to send a video via an email, and this turned around everything.   Talk Fusion a leading global video marketing solutions have offered thirty days free trial for users. The users can access the free trial in nine languages, and it is available in over 140 countries. The trial version has already made a buzz in the news, and many people are out trying the product. The primary aim of the Talk Fusion is to put the products of the company to as many hands as possible and thus open an avenue to […]

No matter what you are looking for, Beneful dog food brand has you covered. The many varieties of meals ensures that your pets health needs are always being met. You can provide your puppy with the ultimate balanced diet. The Healthy Puppy Meal ensures your puppy receives nutrients needed for a growing body. With Healthy Puppy by Beneful you can rest easy knowing your puppy is off to a healthy start. As your dog grows and begins to become more active its needs change. Beneful provides a balanced meal for your growing pup with the Playful Life Meal. This blend helps provide the balance of great taste and proper nutrients needed for an active lifestyle. After a day of playing fetch or running with the kids a good healthy meal for your pet is in order. Playful Life dog food is just that! provides nutrition through all stages of […]

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