The Courts Have Spoken: John Textor Is An Innocent Man

John Textor’s media group DDMG has come under fire as of late. Up until recently it was thought that DDMg was working under fraudulent circumstances. There had been reports that John and his media company were not fully disclosing the financial reports, reports that were necessary for investors. There had been serious allegations that John and his company were not being totally honest with their finances, and that John was working under false pretenses.

These initial proceeding began when Abbey Spanier LLP had brought the charges to the table. Arthur Abbey, a trial attorney, used his firm to bring the allegations to the surface. He was spending thousands of dollars on smearing John’s name through the mud. He was bringing in one plantiff after another to win his case. It was soon becoming clear to the judge that all these claims were “baseless.” Arthur used the initial case to establish many more, each of them getting wilder as the trial pressed on.

Was this a case of a “pissed off ex-employee getting his revenge?” Did Arthur and his associates have good reason to bring all of these charges against him? Maybe we will never know.

It was during the trial proceedings that accusations of misrepresentation, fraud, lies, misappropriation of funds and breach of conduct were brought to the table. In the end, though, justice did prevail. John and his company were not found liable for anything. The judge believed that the information was not founded on anything. According to the judge, the reports said nothing and were completely meaningless.

Something else that could have thrown the case overboard was the number of people being brought forward. There is an old saying, “Too many cooks, not enough Indians.” Perhaps if Arthur wanted others to buy his stories more, he shouldn’t have gotten greedy. He shouldn’t have stuck with his original trial, not building one case after another.

John and his company are free. The judge has ordered Arthur and his associates to pay all the court costs in full. As the Palm Beach Post noted, it’s a good day to be John Textor.

Media Executive John Textor

John Textor is a media executive who has been the driving force behind the use of special effects in many highly successful movies in recent past. At present, Textor is the Executive Chairman of a company called Pulse Evolution Corporation, a company that aims to help develop the use of realistic digital imagery for projects such as movies and short animation features. His work has lead to the use of digital effects in many recent movies that are highly realistic and have helped propel the field forward into new and previously unexplored places. As a result, his work has done much to please and delight movie goers across the globe who are happy to be brought into a fictional world that looks quite real. His supervision of various kinds of digital effects in movies have helped win him and his company many fans and many international awards of great acclaim. Those who like to go to movies eagerly await his next projects and hope to see what kind of effects his companies can develop to make movie going even more exciting and fun.

John Textor graduated from prestigious Wesleyan University with a degree in economics in 1987. Ten years later, he entered the field of finance when he co-founded and became one of the Managing Partners of a very successful private equity firm known as Wyndcrest Holdings. The company is based in Florida and has focused attention on funding various kinds of projects in the fields of entertainment as well as telecommunications and the use of internet media. In 1999, Textor entered the world of children’s products when he became a director of a company known as The Parent Company. He also started working with BabyUniverse. This is an internet retailer that provides parents with high end children’s products that have been extensively tested. His involvement in the company continued for several years. He was later to become the company’s CEO and help it expand into many kinds of related fields.

He has a great deal of prior experience in the field of management and leadership. Textor has been the Chairman and the head of Sims Snowboards, a company that provides sporting equipment for customers who like to engage in physical activity during the winter. Textor has also been involved heavily in many other kinds of ventures in various fields such as banking, commerce and various kinds of media fields.