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Emilio Estefan has 19 Grammy’s sitting on a mantle in his Miami mansion. Estefan is considered the best producer of Latino music in the world. Emilio has developed, directed, and produced music for several Latino superstars. Estefan has also produced several shows for the Latino television market as well as the mass market. Some of those shows include the Latin Grammy’s, Nuestra Navidad, the Hispanic Heritage Awards, and a number of musical events at the White House. Estefan can work with anybody he chooses at this stage in his career. One of the singers Estefan is working with is Norka Luque, the Venezuelan singer, and songwriter. The Norka Luque story is filled with the highs and lows that many musical artists experience when they try to break into the big-time recording business. Even though there is a lot of talent hoping to get a break, very few of them succeed. […]

Venezuelan human rights advocate and film producer, Thor Halvorssen launched the New York-based Human Rights Foundation (HRF) in 2005 and serves as the President of the organization. The HRF is a nonpartisan organization that focuses on nondemocratic societies to promote and protect human rights. He is half-Venezuelan and half-Norwegian and is descended from heads of state and political advisors. Even with a long list of distinguished ancestors he has first-hand experience of human rights abuse. His father was charged with terrorism and tortured in a Caracas prison because he uncovered government corruption while working as Venezuela’s drug czar. His mother was shot while participating in a peaceful anti-Hugo Chavez demonstration and his cousin is a Venezuelan political prisoner. Thor is a strong supporter of dissidents, defectors and courageous individuals who not afraid to take on the establishment. Russian chess grandmaster and political activist Garry Kasparov is the current Chairman of […]

  Kyle Bass is the founder and principal of Hayman Capital Management a hedge fund that specializes in global event-driven opportunities. Bass attended Texas Christian University where he graduated with honors in B.A finance (real estate) in 1992. Kyle joined Prudential Securities immediately after graduating and worked until 1994 after which he joined Bear Steams. In this company, Bass climbed the career ladder and became the senior managing director at the age of 28. He joined Legg Mason in 2001and left in 2005 to start Hayman Capital Management.   In 2006, Bass predicted the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis. Bass always applauds Christina Fernandez de Kirchner even when everyone thinks that she has crippled the country’s economy. Additionally, he also defended GM motors for the fatalities caused by non-deploying airbags and faulty power steering in their cars by shifting the blame to the passengers. Consequently, Kyle Bass also works with Erich […]

The British are taking 40 to 50 percent of their life savings and putting it into the gold market, according to an article published by Fortune. In fact, Brits are investing in gold at an unprecedented rate. The Royal Mint saw a massive jump in the number of gold bar sales after the June Brexit vote and more than $5.5 million worth of gold and silver was traded the first two weeks after the vote. It’s not the first time that the British have turned to gold to protect their liquid assets. In 2008, there was a huge surge in gold purchases. But there is a difference this time, according to Philip Diehl, the President of the U.S. Money Reserve. This time, a Brexit £20 gold coin was issued by the Royal Mint. A £5 silver coin was also issued by the Royal Mint, and it sold out in five […]

Mike Baur founded the Swiss Start Up Factory in 2014 after 20 years in private banking. He wet from a very traditional career to an extremely unconventional and creative endeavor of providing an incubator to technology start ups. Proving his own entrepreneurial spirit, Mike Baur began his incubation factory. The Swiss Start Up Factory builds new companies. It is appropriately named because it encourages the manufacturing of technology from the prototype to accelerating and finally shaping and proof of concept. The key to its success is the fact that, most importantly, it encourages the owners of these starts ups to work harder than the average business owner. Mike Baur believes young people have to work harder to be successful in a business today. Think of it like working in a factory, it is hard work. Being among so many other incubator-type companies, what makes the Swiss Start Up Factory different […]

ClassDojo has accumulated $21 million through its second round of venture financing for education tech that offers an interactive platform for teachers and students’ parents. The tech enables them to communicate efficiently and consistently concerning student’s academic/co-curricular activities and behavior progress at school. Through constant communication, parents are conversant of the activities and behavior of their children at school. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don (Co-founders) According to ClassDojo’s co-founders, the firm closed the Series B round towards the end of 2015. The capital raised will be used to enhance employees’ skills and determine the type of content and features that are essential for the parents who utilize the app during the school day as well as at home. Chaudhary said that their aim is to assist parents take charge of conversations at home and improve the learning and behavior development their children are doing at school. How teachers are benefiting […]

Working out is highly important. When people work out, they help push their heart rate up and add to overall fitness levels. Many women today wish to workout in public places such as gyms where they can get access to a wide variety of workout tools. At the same time, most women seek to look great while working out. They want clothing that lets them do just that. Don Ressler, head of a new company understands this need. He knows that women today want to be free to workout but they also want to be free to pick clothing that is all about feeling great while spending time in a gym. Clothing That Is Right To this aim, Don Ressler looks to offer clothing via the online site known as JustFab. JustFab is all about looking just fabulous no matter what a woman is doing. The clothing here is also […]

Fun Scents In Lip Balm

The lip balm that you see in the store might not be the scent or the flavor that you want. While it will keep the lips moisturized, especially in dry air, it simply isn’t the personalized lip balm that you desire. You can easily make your own lip balm with wax and a few drops of your favorite oils. There are also small pieces of flowers and other items that you can add to the wax to give a beautiful look. Honey is something that you should consider adding to your product as it has antibacterial properties. As with the lip balms available by Evolution of Smooth, EOS, these properties can help heal cracked lips faster than other products. The antioxidants in the lip balm also help to keep your lips smooth. One of the fun ways to make lip balm is to add Kool-Aid to coconut oil and beeswax. […]

  Once again, South Korean conglomerate Samsung has recently been involved in talks to acquire subscription-based music streaming service Tidal from Jay Z. Jay and Samsung have a storied history together ever since the two teamed up to release Jay Z’s 2013 album Magna Carta…Holy Grail. As reported by HITS insider I.B. Bad, Tidal has struggled to net a profit in recent years, with the company estimated at losing more than $10m dollars per year. But as of recent, the streaming service has been actively paving its own path to success as it continues to stack itself up against fierce competitors Apple Music and Spotify. In addition, I.B. Bad reports that there was some chatter about Kanye receiving a check from Samsung to release his album on Tidal. One may wonder… who is leading this charge to help Tidal find its way out of this financial crisis? At the eye […]

Status Labs, an online reputation management firm, has 5 tips for how to make your PR pitches as simple and effective as possible. 1. Stay on Topic: not just in the pitch itself, but in the people you are sending the pitch to. 2. Think Elevator Pitch: make your pitches short, easy to read, and designed to immediately catch someone’s attention. Journalists have dozens, if not hundreds of pitches to sort through, and something short and sweet is much more likely to be read. 3. Know Your Contact: in any field, it’s good to know people. Get to know the higher-ups, editors mostly, in the companies that you’re contacting regularly on social media like Twitter and Linkedin. 4: Offer the World: make yourselves accessible to journalists, and give them any sort of extra information that they ask for. If you treat them well, they’ll remember. 5: Be a Story Teller: […]

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